Available courses

Diversity coaching in a Digitally self-skilling environment

The module is about diversity coaching in a digitally self-skilling environment. The objectives of the module are for the coaches and tutors to learn how to best support diversity in learners and their needs, about barriers and challenges to managing diversity in the context of refugees. Learners will also learn different approaches on supporting diversity, different techniques and methods available to coaches. Gender perspectives and working across cultures will also be a main teaching topic

Performance Management of Coaching

In this module, learners (i.e. coaches) get in touch with concepts and tools of performance management. The objectives are to enable the coaches to define, set and control the performance of the refugees /their learners. A big part, at least in this context, will be the development and improvement of communication skills. Moreover, they are supposed to know how to evaluate their own performance and get an insight into self-evaluation instruments.

National Culture, Cultural Awareness and Cross-Cultural Communication

The module is about Cultural Awareness competence and Cross-Cultural Communication skills. The learner will develop an in-depth understanding of key terms and definitions of fundamental concepts and principles, such as national culture. The learner will be able to understand the dynamics of cross-cultural communication and conflict management, as well as understand how to provide quality help to immigrants and refugees.

Organisational Skills

This module is about developing the organisational and planning skills of the coaches to enable them to effectively manage their own workload and to support the needs of the individual refugees. It takes into account the need to identify and meet the learners’ objectives whilst providing a structured approach with ongoing review and goal setting to ensure refugee learners are engaged with the process, the content and are able to see progress.

Digital Game-Based Learning

This Module introduces videogames as learning tools: how they work and how to use them in a classroom.

DGBL is a quite new and developing field, so we’ll introduce both the theoretical context for the relationships between games, play and learning, and some practices to introduce them in the educational course.
Learning to Learn Skills
This module will concentrate on the competence to learn with a focus on how you as a coach can support refugees in their work to develop better learn to learn skills and self-directed learning. The module will provide knowledge about what self-directed learning is and develop skills in how you can support others to become better at it. It will go through different learning styles and how to guide others to identify their preferred learning style. Furthermore, it will provide knowledge and skills on how to support learners to identify their competence development needs and how to work with motivation, procrastination, problem-solving and overcoming barriers.